Email Subscription

To stay in the know sign up for our emails at the bottom of any website page by entering your email in the newsletter sign up section. You can also sign up for 10% off your first purchase if you enter your email in the marketing pop up on our home page.

What to expect - we will do our best to send emails that are relevant to you by asking for some information upfront in the sign up process. We will send around 2-4 marketing emails weekly unless there is seasonal or holiday promotions that require more.

What type of emails - weekly try ons, new arrivals, best sellers, featured products, collaborations, how to style or best use our products, and other fun marketing emails. You will also receive emails for new customer sign up, order confirmations, shipping confirmations and reminders for abandon carts.

How do you unsubscribe - Every email that is sent to you from Care Tucker will have an Unsubscribe option, you must click the link and follow the prompts until you receive a confirmation that says you've been successfully unsubscribed. If you have trouble please email us We will do our best to assist you.